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" IRAKLIA... THE ISLAND OF A MYTH, A SEA VISION OF SPACE AND TIME, the immensity of sea and the history of humans. Iraklia Island through the haze of legend displays its physiognomy. A vision shining in the sun as it reflects on its marble stones and the frothy sea, the sapphire shells and gulls feathers, the veins of the earth and the light reflections of the crystallized calcite"

From the book of Manolis Glezos " The consciousness of the Stone Land"



Iraklia Island



Livadi Castle

Kastro (castle) of Livadi took its name from the remains of a castle dating back to the Hellenistic Period (323 b.c-316 b.c.) that has been found there.

Also, ruins of the temple of Zeus and that of the Goddess of Luck were found there. The last people lived there until 1930, when the last settlement was abandoned.

According to Greek mythology the creation of the Cyclades is attributed to the god Neptune. It is said that the god of the sea transformed the nymphs Cyclades into islands, when they angered him.

Other legends refer to their name as being derived from the word meaning circle as the islands are scattered around the sacred island of Delos or because the fierce winds forced the boats to spin.

Mythical fables are attributed to the formation of each island, while legends reflect their turbulent history. Due to the location of the Cyclades between the continents of Greece, Asia and Africa, they were a trading link throughout their history and spread the development of culture to the surrounding regions.

Agios Ioannis Cave Church

On the island is Agios Ioannis, a cave church just below Iraklias highest mountain (Papas). What does this cave so special, apart from several stalactites, is that it also functions as church. Actually it's two caves located opposite each other. The one that works as church is easy to notice since it hangs a church bell outside. You can walk here from a the port or from Chora.

The German Arado

A “relaxing” dive as the max. depth is 11m. The diving spot is a beautiful bay protected from the weather, on Iraklia Island. A dive in the history of the World War I gives you the opportunity to explore a German Arado which was shot down after dense enemy fires.The airplane was caught by fishermen nets near Santorini island on 250m and was brought on its current position.

Max depth:
11 m
Bottom time: 45 min
Visibility: 25 m
Average water temperature: 22 C
Prior dive experience: Scuba diver

Other Churches

The Holy Church of the Virgin Mary
It is rather oversized for the standards of the island. It was built next to the old church that today is called Ag. Nektarios. Building took place between 1919 and 1930, but it was completed only in recent years.

The Little Church of Prophetes Elias
It was built on the ruins of the old church by the Association of the Herakleians of Athens in 1960. The main benefactor is Sophia Vidali.

The Private Church of "Taxiarchis"
It was built by the priest Manolis Simos at the end of the 19th century. The temple of the Church is a masterpiece.








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